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Yoshikazu Yamagata

I first discovered Yoshikazu Yamagata when I saw his amazing sketches in Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers (which is a great book, by the way**). He uses fashion to illustrate a story which means his fashions are like nothing else you’ve seen. Even the settings of his photographs are unique and imaginative.

Weather Girl Collection sketches in Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers

Images from My Town in My Home by Yoshikazu Yamagata and Mafuyu

Sketch from The Everyone’s New Clothes

images from A Long Story

A Long Story sketches

**Check out the Betsey Johnson Drawings in this book. I worked on them when I worked there. And by “worked on them” I basically mean colored them in on the computer.


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  1. misslynsey says:

    i love these beautiful illustrations and photography esp. the incredible sweater houses. you always find the most interesting work, great blog!

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