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Noticing… zeals of zebras

1. Woop Studios (also check out their Zeal of Zebras Book), 2. Vintage TWA airline poster, 3. Becca Stadtlander, 4. Aadmore Ceramics, 5. Charley Harper, 6. Miranda Skoczek

I tend to notice trends that are ideas that were already floating around in my head as something to create. This is yet another artwork I’ve been meaning to do.  It will be a small part of an upcoming project.  At least I have some excellent inspiration.

Sorry I’ve been mia. Life has been a little crazy. Hopefully will be back on track for at least my weekly post!



2 Responses to “Noticing… zeals of zebras”

  1. hila says:

    I love zebras, one of my favourite picture books as a little girl was about a zebra who wouldn’t take off her pyjamas :)

  2. Katy says:

    It’s funny, b/c the more I learn about zebras the more I think they might be my spirit animal. That sounds like just my type of animal! i never want to get out of my pajamas!

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